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What This Is:

  • A place to share ideas and resources while respecting the intellectual property of composers/writers
  • A collection of (editable) resources for songleaders, music directors,cantors, and others involved in using Jewish music for the transmission of Jewish learning and heritage.

If you are the composer or copyright holder feel free to post sheet music or lyric sheets of your own copyrighted material. Do not post your own transcriptions of other people's compositions, or songsheets, slides, guitar tabs or anything with other people's lyrics or copyrighted material without their permission (proof will be required.) The right to control these is exclusive to the copyright holder (unless they have used a Creative Commons License or similar licensing that would permit use of their material in this manner..)

Be aware: anything you contribute to or post on this wiki is included as part of this wiki's Creative Commons License.

This is a basic, no-cost Wiki with limited space (0.5G) available for pages and files. Therefore it's not (currently) a place to host audio files, full-resoultion photographs, apps, and other large files. However, you can post links, or embed widgets that link to source files hosted elsewhere, like audio files on SoundCloud, photos on Instagram, Picasa, etc. Also, there are widgets built-in to Wikispaces that allow you to embed content from YouTube, Google Docs, etc.

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What's Here Right Now:

What Could be Here:

Lists which could be added might include a master database of songs, holiday songs, Shabbat songs, Middot/Value songs. We all each have our own ideas on what columns and categories to include in our records. So please let's talk before you decide to create a page with a table for a particular category.

How To Contribute:

This is a "protected" Wiki. That means that anyone can view the files here, but only members of the Wiki can add/edit pages.
To add a page, simply click the "+" next to "Pages and Files" in the top left sidebar.
On pages, you can cut and paste test, add files, links, create tables, and widgets.

Note: If you add a page to this Wiki, it will show up in the Navigation pane to the left, but won't show up here on the Home Page. So please open and edit this home page, and add a link to your new page to the list of pages above. Thanks!

The Power of Widgets:

Wikispaces has powerful widgets. Check them out. Ones very useful for this site are the spreadhseet widgets which allow to you create and embed Google Docs docs, spreadsheets and other formats. You can embed YouTube videos, Google maps, any HTML embed code, and more. Try them out.